Food from the 4th July weekend

Savitha made the dough for these delicious buns - they turned out SO well!

Totally forgot to click a pic of the trifle pudding that this Jelly went into.. I have no clue how the heart-shape formed on it..

And Cherry Chocolate Cranberry Hazelnut cake from Indira's blog (

In short a weekend full of indulgence...

And Watermelon surnollis (Dosas) to begin the next week :)

Who is who

Ash's mom sent me his baby picture. Now, I was not very sure about who looks like who until I saw that snap. Decide for yourself!

I am still waiting on my mom to send me my baby picture for a better comparison. Maybe this post should be called "who looks like Ash"
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My boys as of last week. Such luck to get both smiling at the same time!

ps- This picture was taken at Target. Ofcourse it was really annoying when I went to pick up the pictures and the guy had printed some extra - demanded double what we paid for those snaps and when I said I wasn't interested he went ahead and threw it in the dustbin in front of me! He could've atleast waited till I left &*#^%